Back in highschool I have to say my biggest frustration was getting into top 3 at the end of the school year because from 1st to 3rd year I always end up at 4th place and sadly only the top 3 got to receive medals. Then 4th year came and I just lost interest into being in the top 3. I guess you can say in the end I gave up. But in all honesty my interest just focused in CAT, I felll inlove in that org.

Now that I’m in college, where everybody expected ill give my 501%. I didn’t. then now I’m incoming 5th year with a big question mark hanging in my back, can I still manage to be a regular student? I can’t believe how from wanting to be in top 3 of the batch I ended up wanting just to be a regular? And I know no matter how I look back and regret the what ifs of my life. I can’t take it back. I can’t go back to my fourth year high school self and beg not to stop wanting to be in the top 3.

And no matter how cliche this is, I just need to accept the situation and do better. I really would like to believe the geek in me is just sleeping waiting to finally come out. :)) and baby now is the time. Its not yet over.


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